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Anything that can go wrong, will. - Murphy's Law

Murphy was an optimist. O'Toole's Corollary
Keeping the above in mind, here are some strategies for dealing with printing problems:
  • Q: A user says their print job doesn't show when they log on to the print release station.
  • A: The user likely did not log on as themselves. They should log off the machine, then log on and retry printing.
  • Q: The print release station doesn't work - it has an error message that the software can't connect to the network.
  • A: Try restarting the release station.  If this does not work, call ITS at x4222.
  • Q: The user gets a message like " Print job 'job name' failed: Billing.Balance: Transaction failed. Card is not entered in the System(Code = 200)"
  • A: There is a problem with the user's account.  The user needs to visit ITS.
  • Q: The user gets a message like "Error code 206 - system service failure."
  • A: Try restarting the release station.  If the problem is not resolved, call ITS at x4222.
  • Q: The print job was released to a non functioning printer (a printer with a paper jam, a printer that is off, etc.)
  • A: If the problem is a paper jam, try to clear the jam.  The job should print normally.  If the job is to a printer that is offline, have the user try releasing the job from another location.  For instance, if the problem occurred in the Miller public area, have them try to release the job in Davis.  If moving to a different location doesn't work, call ITS at x4222.  Having the affected person's Colby login name will help. DO NOT ASK FOR THEIR PASSWORD.
These are the main categories of problems we have seen so far. There will likely be other permutations of these problems - if so, please pass them to Larry or me as well as ITS.  We will try to update this list as we get more info.




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